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Excitron shipping address is 333 N Snowmass Cir, Superior, CO 80027, and we have large manufacturing facilities in Broomfield and Lafayette, CO.  We offer direct sales from our manufacturing plants and ship worldwide, there are no distributors or reps.  please email.

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Custom hardware or firmware $10

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US $10.00

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This Custom hardware or firmware is $10 dollars per unit quantity.  Purpose is to allow custom changes to your order.  Usually you have received a custom quotation or email.  You must change the quantity so that the price matches the quotation, and then select Add to Cart.  Use a combination of the $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $100.00, and $150.00 items to price match your quotation.

Example:  you were quoted $420.00 for your customization.  Select 2 units of this $10 item and select 4 units of the $100.00 item found in this same category.  When checking out, make sure your shopping cart contains a total of $420.00.