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Saturn CNC Mill-UP ultra-precise

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US $14,500.00

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CNC Saturn Milling Machine. This ultra-precision machine is not a toy, and weighs 750 pounds with extra heavy gibbs, guides, and precision leadscrews. It includes:

  • 2 X86-118s for X and Y axis.
  • 1 X60-86 for Z axis.
  • Precision tapered roller bearings, as large as car wheel bearings!
  • Handy manual Switch boxes for jogging and for automated use without a PC.
  • 3 24v 90 watt power supplies with cables.
  • CNC-USB cable wired for 4 axis.
  • Power strip with master ON/OFF and light.

Valid payment options are company checks, half down with order, 2nd half required 1 week before shipping. Shipping charges arranged and billed separately. In shopping cart, select cheapest shipping, then we will contact you for the truck shipping charge of approximately $490 in US and $590 to Canada or Mexico. Overseas available.

Each Excitron controller includes all the electronics and drivers for running the stepper motor, and the controllers are fully integrated with the stepper motor. This eliminates the usual separate electronic boxes and messy cables. Please refer to the datasheets Controller Connections and Excitron_CNC_Gcode_Robot_System.pdf.

Additional details of the Excitron CNC Saturn Milling Machine:

  • The CNC Saturn is 52in tall x 40in wide x 33in deep, when fully assembled. With the large collet size and 1.5 HP motor, it is comparable to a knee mill, but only weighs 750 pounds. You will want to sit it on a bench.
  • The steel milling machine base is 15.50 x 24.75, and has 4 corner mounting holes.
  • The mill table top comes ready for adding a lubrication system.
  • The spindle motor is 110v/60 Hz single phase, 1.5 HP, 18 amps. Normal speed is 1,700 rpm. The gear box allows easy selection of 6 speeds.
  • This machine has full length gibbs on the X and Y axis, and are readily adjustable.
  • The Z axis has 18,400 steps/inch. The X60-86 stepper motor in half step mode gives 400 steps/rev. Overall ratio is .000050 in/step.
  • Entire spindle gear head assembly is adjustable by 13.25in, thus allowing over 17in of space above the XY table. A large hand crank and gear rack is included for lifting the gear head assembly.
  • The X and Y axis use our X86-118 stepper motor/controller with precision .200 in pitch leadscrews with gearbox drives. The thrust can be up to 2,600 pounds of force, far higher then needed for machining.
  • The X and Y axis have dual manual locks.
  • Each stepper motor and controller can be operated in CNC Mode and can also be controlled in the other modes mentioned below.
  • Simple parts can be entirely machined in standalone motion profile mode, and then no external computer or software is required.
  • XY Zero backlash built-in and contains two high precision 1045 steel leadscrews with long life plastic nuts. Accuracy is better than +-.0005" full travel.
  • The leadscrew nuts are machined by Excitron for 14,000 pound breaking strength and zero backlash for 50,000,000 inches of travel.

    The Saturn CNC mill includes our CNC cable for X, Y, Z, and 4th axis. Additional axis up to 8 possible. Excitron provides all the cabling needed for this machine.

    You easily control how your stepper motor operates by using these modes, and the versatility of input pins:

    • Serial Command Mode: send and receive via RS232 is built-in, and you may use the convenient quad port USB-RS232 adapter, which is included, and wireless are optional. Connection with PCs, PLCs or Labview work well.
    • Standalone Motion Profile Mode: repeatedly run a sequence of Motion Profiles, exactly as you wish, upon powerup. In this case, your computer is not needed. You can use inputs to control how and when these profiles run.
    • Input Profile Mode: each input pin triggers 3 Motion Profiles, giving you random selection of motion by simply pushing buttons. Set the "I" command to your desired value.
    • Input Pin Mode: each input pin can trigger or stop your motor, for example: mode 13 means "run until this pin goes low". Input pins apply inside each Motion Profile where you set pin/mode.
    • Manual Onboard switches: each built-in switch (if installed) runs 1 or 2 motion profiles.
    • Driver (CNC step/dir) Mode: motor steps each time when an external STEP occurs, in the direction set by DIRECTION. CNC programs usually output these signals on a PC parallel port.

    For further details, please see the Controller Manual.pdf. You can combine many of these modes, with few restrictions. Hundreds of successful customers have created very ingenious motion using these simple "building blocks", some in as quickly as 10 minutes.

    RS232 serial connectors are provided for changing parameters such as acceleration, half/full step, SPS, and torque. Without changing any cabling, you can run in Motion Profile standalone mode or CNC/gcode mode. We setup the Saturn Mill with the optimum parameters, already set for you, and ready to run.

    Three individual AC/DC encapsulated power supplies are included for the stepper motors and controllers. They are 85-230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, with 24 volt 90 watt output. They consume about 100 watts total usage if all 3 motors are running. Three separate supplies are best for electrical noise interference reduction. NEVER run any other cables, especially the AC cables, next to any signal cable. At least 6 inches must separate them, even if they are shielded. Closer then 6 inches can cause voltage spikes of more then 10 volts to appear on any data cable, and that can cause burnout of any electronics. Coiling the AC power cord near electronics makes it worse due to the transformer effect.

    The Switchbox gives you manual jogging capability.

    Order our optional CNC PC computer system is a complete Windows based unit with hard drive, special waterproof keyboard, trackball, network, and LCD monitor. Comes with serial port software and is completely turn-key ready for robotic machining of parts. Assembled into a very small case.

    We ship the mill about 3-4 weeks after your order. This is a great milling machine, worth waiting for. We machine our own parts using it.