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100A-TTL-86 -- controller only

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US $345.00

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100A-TTL-86 controller only, with RS232-TTL adapter. Please see Documentation link for drawings and specifications

Simplest solution for motion control of large actuators, CNC, and machines.

Strong controller with 100 amp power drivers run smoother and faster, and is perhaps the most powerful in the industry. These can also be the main controller for your machine or device, possibly eliminating all other electronics. Several operating modes and the 5 input pins give you easy automation by connecting switches or external control signals.

They include a DB15 connector, power filter assembly and 18 inch jacketed power cable.

The RS232-TTL adaptor is for set-up using your PC or PLC, thereafter the adaptor is optional. All Excitron controllers have TTL (+5v logic) on all input pins, including the serial TTL USART. The RS232-TTL adaptor translates the RS232 +-10v to TTL +5 v logic.

  • Incredibly simple--instant stepping right out of the box--no programming needed.
  • Easily set motor speed parameters with simple one-letter commands via TTL UART.
  • Controller and motor are optimized for highest motor performance.
  • All motors in this series are rated very high torque and speed compared to competitor\'s same size 42 motor.
  • Powerful current limiting up to 100A.
  • Power supply voltage range from 10 to 30 volts.
  • Highest efficiency--consumes less than 14ma.
  • Pre-programmed with 24 motion profiles which you can easily modify.
  • Three manual switches included for convenient jogging and quick motion.
  • Torque values are rated torque, you may operate with more or less.

If you ever have any questions or need support, always feel free to contact us, we are always happy to hear from you.