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BS80-86-118-4-Grippers-Saw -- can be used for cutting pipe and rods to various lengths

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Complete machine:  Motorized Gripper and Cut-off Saw for BS80 Belt Sliders, designed for gripping/pulling/pushing pipe or rod, while cutting off to various lengths as traversing on the Belt Slider BS80 rail.  Two complete MGR30 Grippers and one MS Motorized Saw Cut-off included.

Action is:  Gripper1 pulls while the 2nd gripper releases, Grippers move in opposite directions to Home position.  Upon reaching the Home position, Gripper1 releases and Gripper2 grips the pipe.  Belt Slider X86-118 motor/controller pulls the pipe, and the MS motorized Cut-off Saw commences cutting the pipe.  Action repeats forever until you send a stop command.  Result is that you have hundreds of pipes cut to the length you specify.  Length of cut pipe can even vary from one cycle to the next.

Amazingly, all this action and control, with built-in means to vary the pipe length, is done without any external controllers or PC.  The belt motor/controller controls all the action and movements by sending serial Rs232 commands to each of the 3 motorized Grippers and Saw.  This amount of power and control is unsurpassed, and is a tribute to the excellent design and engineering that goes into each Excitron controller.

Complete BS80 Belt Slider with X86-118 and 4:1 gearbox included, and all cables and power supplies.  Pulls with over 100 pounds force.

Unique design gives you a programmable and settable length of pipe to cut.  Just send new commands via the USB communication port to change the length and other parameters, then remove your PC as this machine cuts your pipe.

Excitron can design and manufacture similar motorized gizmos for your project.