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AP1ton -- Arbor press with 2,000 pound (908 kg weight) force

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Arbor press has many uses in the home, shop, boat, and factory.  2,000 pound force is enough to dimple steel and brass.  Includes a steel flat round anvil with 4 openings to fit many sizes of parts.

Motorize your arbor press with one of our intelligent stepper motor and controllers.  The following are some suggestions, many others may come to mind.  Note that additional tooling is required for some of these suggestions.
  • Dimple metal sheets with decorative shapes.  Even a coin and flat washer can be used as tools to create shapes and patterns.  Add uniqueness to bowls, plates, pans, and bins.
  • Center of ram to rear support wall is approx. 4"; maximum reach is 5.3"
  • Make your own small parts storage tray by pushing ball bearing balls to create spherical dimples.
  • Drill a hole in the ram end (after removing, which is easy) for inserting various dowel pins or other similar tools.
  • Flatten out-of-shape parts.
  • Bend over small flanges, or smash-down bosses and protrusions in parts.
  • One of our favorites is to create small upsets--half-way pushed out slugs of metal or plastic that protrude up out of a flat surface.  Useful for making "pin stops" for rapid drilling fixtures.
  • Ideal for adjusting small brass shells to an exact dimension.  Using precision made pins, press the pin into the shell to expand.  Conversely, press a female die onto a brass shell to make it smaller.
  • Easy to add a physical stop on the upper ram so that you can have repeatability and exactness in height position.
  • Vertical gibb bearing surfaces are steel, will last a life time.
  • You can adjust the ram gibb bearings by using the screws so that the ram weight is a little tight and thus prevents the ram from moving downward by itself.  Creates a stay-put mechanism, yet is easy enough to rotate for up and down movement.
  • Use the opposite way--with a gripping device on the ram and a hold-down of your part, you can pull up to remove stuck parts.
  • The rotating steel round anvil simply lifts up and away to give you a large opening when needed.
  • Automate assembly, dimpling, etc. by standing the arbor press on the outside perimeter of our MRT motorized rotary tables.  Gives you motion control for accuracy and faster production.
  • Size is approx. 5 x 11 x 12", weight is 40 pounds.
  • Use caution, can pinch and harm fingers.