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DVD360 storage product- 1 carousel stores 360 DVDs

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US $3,500.00

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Automatic load, unload, and inventory management of 360 DVDs. 

Key features and benefits: • Lowest cost per gigabyte data storage available. • Save space—very high density video/data storage. • Fully automatic operation, no operators required. • Robot mechanism uses longest-life components. • Quick load in 1 second, unload in 1-3 seconds. • Protect your valuable DVDs and data. • Eliminates disk cleaning and movie skipping--keeps dust and finger grease off your disks. • Small and light-weight, easily fits on desks and counters. • Size is 16” diameter by 6” tall, and only weighs 18 pounds, without disks. • Stainless steel and steel construction produces dependable, rugged, and precision disk storage. • Front access door for manual insertion or removal of disks. • Lockable and removable top cover gives access for all disks at once, or for easy service. • Actions, movements, and disks are viewable through front panel lexan window. • Precision movements to within a thousandth of an inch. • Easy serviceability and high reliability. • USB port for PC control. • Economical for many different uses.