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Chuck8-3jaw-SC --Precision 8 inch lathe chuck with 3 jaws self-centering, FREE USA shipping

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Precision 8 inch self-centering chuck with 3 inside jaws and 3 outside jaws.  Use to hold parts for machining, welding, laser marking, and many other applications.  You can place this chuck onto a desk or worktable to hold parts or tools, acting like a steady third hand.  These jaws are self-centering and move in and out synchronously and accurately, meaning you only need to tighten one to move all 3 jaws.  If you need independent jaw movement, then order our Chuck8-4Jaw-I.

All Excitron chucks are compatible with our motorized rotary tables.  This chuck mounts best onto our MRT10 10" heavy duty rotary tables, using our mounting parts and hardware, sold separately.  Drawing now available.

Hardened and ground on the all surfaces, except rear inner plate.
Chuck body is 7.874" [200.0mm] diameter x 2.943" [84mm] thick.
Through hole: 2.550" [60.0mm[
Runout: less than 0.002".
Weight is 29 lbs, shipping weight with all parts is 33 lbs.


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