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MRT9.5-42-180--compact precision 9.5 inch motorized rotary table, 180:1, FREE USA shipping

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NEW  MRT9.5-42-180 9.5 inch super-thin rotary table with 180:1 gear ratio and exceptional low backlash gives you high precision for rotation and automation.

Use this light weight rotary table for automating assembly, laser marking, rotating platforms, rotary actuators, robotic positioning, small LCD rotation, camera rotation, and general laboratory indexing.  This table is a complete system, and includes: X42-33M new motor/controller, built-in Joystick, optical home sensor, USB-TTL-mini serial port adapter with 3 foot cable, and high efficiency power supply with AC cord.  No external inputs are provided as standard, however the Home sensor can be removed to allow external In2 and In3 inputs.  The MRT9.5-42-18053 can spin a 12 inch diameter x .50 inch thick aluminum plate with high resolution.  Backlash is virtually zero, a great feature for most all applications.  You can change speed from 0.06 to 8 rpm (20 pound loads), and positional accuracy is better than +-.005 degrees (design resolution is .0025+ degrees).  You can install this compact rotary table anywhere since it is only 1.27 inches (32.4mm) tall.

A built-in Home sensor makes the table align precisely upon command and at power-up, using the Auto-home command. TTL serial with USB-TTL cable adaptor is included.  You have a handy Joystick for quick movements and changing speed.

The enclosed X42-33M stepper motor with integrated controller/driver can automatically index to multiple angles, repeat, change direction, time-delay, and other motion control features.  Can be driven many ways: serial port with simple commands, stand-alone (no computer needed), and built-in Joystick.  The SW1-2D pdf is useful for how to setup the Home sensor and Motion Profiles; the SW1-2D cannot be connected to the MRT9.5-42-180.

Easy-mount of chucks or special plates, using the 8 M4 screw threads.  Actual center hole is 50mm.

Ships in 6-10 days.  Available soon. Contact us for custom rotary t5bles.

We ship to 220 countries.  If shipped out of USA, then we will add $40-130, depending on your country.