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About Excitron Corporation


Our goal is to easily provide you with all you need for a successful motorized project, at prices that are attractive.  We will gladly help you with your design of motorized production equipment, robotics, actuators and mechanisms, using our integrated stepper motors and controllers.

Please note our billing and shipping address is:

Excitron Corporation
333 N Snowmass Cir
Superior, CO  USA  80027

Excitron designs, manufactures and markets stepper motors, controllers, and integrated motor/controllers. We also offer many accessories to complete your design, from gears and leadscrews to power supllies and cables. We have high quality manufacturing facilities capable of assembling thousands of units. Controller/driver miniaturization is our strength, which gives you smoother motor operation.
Excitron was formed in 1993 to design, manufacture, and market new innovative stepper motors and controllers for the robotics and automatic control industries. 

Excitron's management and technical team have successfully designed automatic controls and robotics since 1969. For over 40 years, Excitron's people have successfully created and worked on over 300 products, equipment, and systems. The management team has generated over $3 billion dollars in sales as a direct result of these endeavors.

Since the 1970's, we have designed robotics and automatic control systems using the latest and most powerful micro computers. Our first stepper motor patents were granted in 1977.  A He-Ne laser and interferometer measured the motion of the 800 pound overhead X-ray crane, with an accuracy of 12 millionths of an inch. This patent resulted in the world's first high resolution x-rays, clearly detailing the intricate bone lattice structure, which had never been seen before on film. This patent was also the technological start for what was to become 3D CAT scanners that are in wide use today.

Another project was the guidance, telemetry, and control systems of the Poseidon Nuclear Missile Weapons Systems, launched from atomic powered submarines. From this detailed analysis, we gained tremendous experience for computerized automatic controls and feedback.

Another interesting project was an automatic magnetic tape assembly machine that produced 1.2 million credit cards a day, a 10X improvement for the industry in 1979. This machine used 6 micro controllers and 9 stepper motors, and communicated simply in much the same way as our existing controllers today. This one machine produced 80% of the world's magnetic-stripe credit cards in the 1980s, and lowered the high cost of applying the magnetic stripe.  And this instantly created the vast market of magnetic stripe credit cards in use throughout the world.  The president of the credit card company enjoyed showing this machine to all the VISA and Master Card customers, who were quite amazed by it's simple but elegant coordinated operation.

Also in 1979, we designed, manufactured, and marketed the world's first integrated stepper motor and controller. This integrated controller and motor replaced the individual motor and controller boards on the magnetic tape assembly machine.  The stepper motors ran smoother, quieter, and with less heat then ever before. The additional torque allowed the production machine to run 25% faster. Note that our integrated controller/motor pre-dates existing competitve claims of being first. We were developing our 3rd and 4th generation of integrated controller/motor when competitors were just making their 1st "announcements."

In 1999, Excitron's people received a IQ Innovation Design Award for designing and manufacturing a Finger Guard, for Samsonite suitcase production in Denver, that reliably prevents operator's fingers from being riveted.  This unit was the first riveter in the world to save fingers.  In this design, we used three of our motor controllers and two stepper motors to coordinate the surprisingly sophisticated action.  Due to the very small electronic package and optical sensor feedback, it was quite easy to attach to the 3-ton riveter.

We have successfully helped thousands of customers in their design of automatic and robotic machines and Excitron products.




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  1. General shipping:  all in stock items will be shipped within 2-4 business days, conditions allowing.   This excludes special orders and items that require additional manufacturing.
  2. All payments must be paid in full with order.  See home page link "How to Buy".  We offer no terms, no net 30, and no open account.  The Army, Air Force, Navy, NASA, EPA, over 60 universities, and thousands of other customers have no problem paying in full with order
  3. We ship FOB, freight on board.  This means you own your products and are responsible for shipping damages, once it leaves our shipping dock.  We insure shipments with reasonable values.  ALL DAMAGES MUST BE REPORTED TO THE CARRIER AT TIME OF DELIVERY.
  4. All specialty orders are non-returnable.  A 100% non-refundable deposit is required at time of order.
  5. Late payment charges of 1.5% per month compounded will be applied to account customers whose invoices are past 30 days.
  6. Business customers will be held responsible for any collection charges involved in the recovery of unpaid invoices.  There will be a $25.00 charge on all returned business cheques.
  7. A 30% (thirty-percent) restocking fee will be charged on all AUTHORIZED returned items.  No credit will be given for un-authorized returns.  Any returns must have the approval of Excitron management, and are subject to our evaluation, verification, and testing.  Damages or alterations, including scratches, marks, machining, drops, electrostatic discharge, miss-wiring, or other details that require our additional testing, repair, and/or replacement will decrease and/or eliminate any credit.

    No responsibility will be accepted for goods that cannot be tracked. If customer decides that they do not require products shipped, customer is responsible for cost of return shipping.
  8. Only authroized Returns, in writing, will be accepted if items are in the original, unopened and undamaged packages. Products must be returned to us in perfect condition, and shipped in static-protected bags.  Items shipped to us without static-protection bags will not be given any credit.  Damaged or loose merchandise, merchandise not in the original container or merchandise over 15 days old (from invoice date) may not be returned. Unacceptable returns will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.

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