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Product Information

SM110-180G -- stepper motor, 244 in-lb torque - Precision stepper motor NEMA42

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SM110-180G -- stepper motor, 244 in-lb torque

Precision stepper motor NEMA42

List Price:   US $680.00
Our Price:   US $545.00
You Save:   US $135.00

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Item Details
High torque precision stepper motor wound with exceptionally low resistance and inductance, results in higher speed and torque than other manufacturers.

Every stepper motor requires a controller/driver, and the Excitron controllers are designed and built to drive with high amperage.  Strongly suggest our integrated powerful controllers, any other controller will not run as strong or as fast.

For dimensions please see X110 controller/motor drawing.

X110 gearboxes are available.

Free shipping!
Ships in 1-2 days after you order and pay.  Free 1-day shipping if shipped on Friday, else free 2-day shipping.  We ship to 220 countries.  If shipped out of USA, then we will add $30-90, depending on your country.

All large size stepper motors come with integral stainless steel gear, machined right from the shaft.  Our special simple coupler gives you shaft drive capability if you do not want the gear.  Straight (no gear) 19.000mm shaft with keyway are special order, allow 3-4 weeks.


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