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Product Information

ZL24 -- Motorized Z-lift - Motorized Z-lift, complete ready-to-run kit

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ZL24 -- Motorized Z-lift

Motorized Z-lift, complete ready-to-run kit

List Price:   US $4,400.00
Our Price:   US $3,995.00
You Save:   US $405.00

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Item Details

Motorized Rotary Table with Z-lift

Very accurate; designed for laser engraving. Leadscrew driven Z-lift with motorized rotary base. You can specify the vertical travel from 3 inches to 48 inches, 36 inch travel unit shown in picture. Price shown is for 24 inch travel, price will vary slightly for different travel distances.

Z-Lift specs

  • 24" vertical travel, with zero backlash.
  • Easy up/down positioning via direction switch and potentiometer for speed change on-the-fly.
  • Slow speed for accurate height adjustment, and can automatically increase up to 2" per second.
  • High vertical resolution -- .00025" per motor step.
  • Optical position sensor for calibration.
  • Precision steel leadscrew and long-life nut.
  • 25 lb maximum lift capability.


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