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Product Information

XY-BS80-048-012 -- Dual XY axis Belt Slider - Dual XY axis Belt Slider, can use in vertical direction, all travel lengths available

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XY-BS80-048-012 -- Dual XY axis Belt Slider

Dual XY axis Belt Slider, can use in vertical direction, all travel lengths available

List Price:   US $4,600.00
Our Price:   US $3,495.00
You Save:   US $1,105.00

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Item Details
Dual XY axis Belt Slider, you can also use in the vertical direction, all travel lengths available.  Picture shows dual 6 inch travel Belt Sliders, you can specify just the right combination of travel lengths to fulfill your project.

Ideal for laboratory testing, electronic measuring, video recording, production assembly robot, and many other uses.  All of our Belt Sliders and Wire Sliders (see that category) run end-to-end, and thus give you full travel with the least amount of space.

Includes two stepper motors and controllers, power supply, USB interfaces, and all cabling for a ready-to-run robot, nothing else to purchase.  Other sizes available.  This compact unit comes with special X-axis Slider Carriage for easy mounting of your Y-axis Slider assembly.  Note that cable management is not included, and is an option.  If you need the Y-axis travel of more than 18 inches, then you will need an additional (not included) rail for guidance.  If used vertically, we can quote you nylon or steel leadscrews for anti-drop protection.

See the single axis Belt Slider drawing for all details of the motor, rail, and carriage.

Linear belt sliders are assembled with long life timing belt components and precision guides. X-axis has extra long 8 inch Slider Carriage, and the Y-axis carriage is 6 inches long for mounting your devices. This assembly gives you smooth and rapid linear motion with essentially zero backlash, .001 inch resolution, 16 in/sec speed, and over 50 million inches travel life. Versatile use and easy to mount due to the thinness. Supports up to 30 pounds. Comes pre-drilled and ready to mount our integrated X57-40M motor/controller (included), other options are: X42-47M, X57-66M, X57-76M, or our X86-65, X86-80, or X86-118 for higher torque and speed.  The X86 size motors require our 86-57 motor plate, sold separately.  28 inch long slider shown, lengths are up to 3 meters.


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