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Ultra-small and powerful encapsulated 90 watt power supply with PFC (power factor correction), plus has Green supply specifications.  Use for notebook computers or for our X86-65 & X86-80, and any smaller X motor/controller. Available in 3 configurations, see datasheet.  This PS20V-90W-2Au power supply is cabled for our Au controllercoder/motors. and comes with each Au86-65 or Au86-80 motor/controller, unless otherwise specified. Complete specifications here

Achieves industry top efficiency of 94-95% by high frequency PWM (pulse-width modulation), enabling the most compact motor power supply available, and the most stable output voltage.  Other power supplies will pre-maturely shut-down when the motor comes to a stop, but not this robust power pupply.

This power supply offers >99% PFC (power factor correction), and has extra green mode low power specifications.  Comes pre-wired and tested with the Au Controllercoder 8 pin Molex housing and standard DB9 RS232 connector.  Click here for circuit details.  Always use one power supply per motor for electrical noise reduction.

* Input voltage range: AC100 ~ 240V, works anywhere in the world
* Input frequency range: 50-60Hz
* Input currrent: 1.2A@100V; 0.8A@240V
* UL listed, and most major international agencies

* Output:
DC19.6V: 4.74A, 90W, 110W burst mode

* Operating Temperature: 0C ~ 50C
* Storage temperature: -20C ~ 75C
* Dimensions: 63 x 88 x 16.5mm
* Weight: 160g (0.35lbs)


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