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CNC XY Table with 200 x 200mm travel. This is a fine instrument with inherent design accuracy of +-32 millionths inch and .7 micron. Use for testing, milling, lathe work, dispensing, probe analysis, measurements, and more.

Mechanical drawing and specifications

CNC Gcode Manual and cable configuration

Kit includes 2 USB-TTL-3pin serial cables, 24v 72W power supply and AC cord, our CNC Gcode cable for 2 axis, a Switchbox for each axis, and two spare I/O cables for future use. See "Documentation" link and "X Controllers-motors" category for controller details. Not all cables are shown, but are included.

The rails and the 3 Slide Blocks are hardened and ground high strength stainless steel. Each Slide Block has recirculating extremely hard balls that are pre-loaded to give you absolutely zero, and we mean zero, play. Rails are extra wide for maximum stiffness. The XY200-200-57 can carry and move a 300 pound load, so it has ample high strength.

Each X57-76M has 800 half-steps per revolution, and more than enough torque. The X and Y gearboxes are exactly identical, giving you commonality. Either controller can function as the Master for Gcode/Robot motion, and the other the slave.

The .750-.100" medium strength leadscrews are machined to 2C tight tolerance--highest available. They have higher precision than the most expensive ball screws.

Entire XY table can be mounted up-side down for additional motion configurations, such as pick-n-place.

Future options include:

  • Spindle and 5C collet for high precision CNC lathe cutting.
  • Z-axis for high precision XYZ CNC milling.
  • Solder paste dispensing system for electronics assembly.
  • Adhesive dispensing system for automated assembly.
  • Wire bonder for bare die wire attachment.


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