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NEW  Extremely compact and powerful XYZ motion control system.  Smallest most integrated available, saves you space and money.  Loaded with all the features you need for robust robotic motion.  Excitron is the market leader for high tech innovative motion control products.  Video demonstrates the intelligence needed for your application
Incorporates standard Excitron motor/controllers for compatibility and simplicity.  Easily change direction, number of steps, speed, acceleration, torque, andother important controls by using the on-board RS232 serial communication port.  Use 6 input pins (2 analog), and 1 output pin for external motion control, we include the 10-pin I/O cable for easy connections to your switches.  Intelligent microcomputer embedded with enough memory and speed for full automatic and robotic motion control. Multi-axis and CNC/Gcode capability eliminates PLCs and PCs.

Our controllers run "right out of the box" by typing a "G".  Each Excitron controller includes all the electronics and drivers for running the stepper motor, and there are no separate electronic boxes and no messy cables.  Complete ready-to-run motor kit includes:

  • 3 precision 0.45 degree per half-step stepper motors with integrated controller/driver/filter capacitor
  • encapsulated AC/DC 110-240vac 50/60 hz power supply with AC power cord
  • Nothing else is necessary, although our Switchbox in Accessories category is a handy tool.  Browse Documentation link on home page for 3D solid models and other files.

    Gold plated connectors, printed circuit boards, and covers for ultimate reliability, heat flow, and performance.  Key specifications etched in real 24K gold on top cover.  Each Controller is fully integrated with the stepper motor, producing the most compact and powerful intelligient motor drive available.  Complete X family can drive stepper motors from 15mm diameter to NEMA 42, perfectly matches drive amperage with the motor size, and all X Controllers use exactly the same command set, to give you the utmost simplicity.  These units offer the first total 100% motor drive solution, allowing easy plug-n-play for machines, CNC, robots, actuators, vehicles, and all equipment.

    You easily control how your stepper motor operates in these modes:

    • Serial Command Mode: send and receive via RS232, or USB using our optional USB-RS232 adapter. Connection with PCs, PLCs or Labview work well.
    • Standalone Motion Profile Mode: command Q repeatedly runs a sequence of motion profiles, exactly as you need, upon power-up. In this case, your computer is not needed. You can use inputs to control how and when these profiles run.
    • Input Profile Mode IPM: each of up to 6 input pins, 2 are analog or digital, trigger 3 motion profiles each, giving you random selection of motion by simply pushing buttons.
    • Driver (CNC step/dir) Mode: motor steps each time when an external STEP occurs, in the direction set by DIRECTION. CNC programs usually output these signals on a PC parallel port.
    • CNC/Gcode Mode: run 1-8 Excitron motors using popular Gcode. One Excitron motor is the master sending RS232 serial commands to other Excitron motors.  Master motor can read, view, save, and run Gcode files.

    You can combine many of these modes, with few restrictions.  All modes allow changing motor speed on-the-fly using a potentiometer on In3. Hundreds of successful customers have created very ingenious motion using these simple "building blocks", as short as 10 minutes.

    You can add intelligent repetitive motion to almost any device.  Package price above is hundreds of dollars less than top selling competitor's motors.  Comparable price from Oriental is more than $950.


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