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Product Information

LS80--80mm wide .500-.10 Leadscrew Slider, X57-40M motor/controller, power supply, cables, 6 to 66 inch travel - Leadscrew Slider, X57-40M motor/controller, universal power supply, cables, select your own travel length in pull-down menu

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LS80--80mm wide .500-.10 Leadscrew Slider, X57-40M motor/controller, power supply, cables, 6 to 66 inch travel

Leadscrew Slider, X57-40M motor/controller, universal power supply, cables, select your own travel length in pull-down menu

List Price:   US $1,520.00
Our Price:   US $1,295.00
You Save:   US $225.00
   add Switch Assy SW1-2D - US $39.00
   Limit Switch & cable - US $29.00
   upgrade to X57-76M - US $30.00
   upgrade to X60-45 - US $60.00
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Item Details

Leadscrew Slider--same parts as Belt Slider but has stronger steel .500-10 (10 revs/inch) precision leadscrew. Great actuator. Our X57-40M stepper motor/controller rotates with 800 half-steps per revolution, resulting in very high resolution of 0.000125 inches (.003175mm) per motor half-step. You may upgrade the stepper motor from X57-40M to the larger stronger X57-76M. Great solution for vertical movement--load will not drop if power is removed. The X57-40M stepper motor and Controller can push to 80 pounds. We suggest upgrading to the X57-76M for vertical lifting.

You can change speed, direction, distance of motion, and other parameters by using a simple serial port program. See download links on left in Serial port programs for choices. Click the Add button above to add our Switchbox SW1-2D, also in Accessories category to remotely activate the motor and controller with motion profiles, which you can also easily change. Please refer to the Manual for how to setup and run your Controller/motor.  LS80 units are a complete ready-to-run kit, including power supply and cables.

This LS80 Leadscrew Slider ships as shown except Carriage is 6" long and motor will be X57-40M. See other related Sliders in same category for various speeds, resolutions, and loads. For lighter loads and faster travel, see our BS80 Belt Sliders.

All Sliders are CNC ready-to-go systems, run out of the box, and include:
  • X57-40M precision stepper motor and integrated controller with built-in Joystick.
  • USB-TTL-3 adapter serial cable for CNC built-in TTL 3.3v serial port, 39" (1m) long.
  • USB micro cable for control by App on smart phone!
  • USB micro female to USB 3.1 Type-C male.
  • One 4 inch cable with 3 pin housing and crimps for general DIY inputs, unwired at open end.
  • PS19-30W-4pin power supply, connector, AC cable, works anywhere in the world--100-240vac 50/60 hz.
  • Key ring with 10 metric hex key wrenches, 1.5 to 10mm.

Nothing else is necessary.  Browse Documentation link on home page for 3D solid models and other files.

Gold plated connectors and printed circuit boards for ultimate reliability, heat flow, and performance.  Each Controller is fully integrated with the stepper motor, producing the most compact and powerful intelligent motor drive available.  All X Controllers use exactly the same command set, to give you the utmost simplicity.  Easy plug-n-play for machines, CNC, robots, actuators, vehicles, and all equipment.

You easily control how your X57 stepper motor operates in these modes:

  • Serial Commands:  send and receive via USB using the included USB-TTL-3pin cable adapter, connect directly to arduinos and microcomputers.  Connection with PCs, PLCs or Labview work well.
  • One built-in Joystick:  5 different motions built-in, and are changeable.
  • Home:  Home command H runs Motion Profiles 02-05, exactly as you need.  You can also set the Repeat Home feature, whereby Home repeatedly runs 4 Profiles at power-up over and over.  In this case, your computer is not needed.  You can use also inputs to control how and when these profiles run.
  • Input Profile Mode IPM:  each of the 2 input pins give you random selection of 3 motion profiles each, by simply pushing external switches or external control signals.  In2 and In3 are analog or digital.
  • Driver (CNC step/dir):  motor steps each time when an external STEP occurs, in the direction set by DIRECTION.  CNC programs usually output these signals on a PC parallel port.
  • CNC/Gcode:  run 1-8 Excitron motors using popular Gcode.  One Excitron motor is the master sending TTL serial commands to other Excitron motors.  Master motor can read, view, save, and run Gcode files.

See X57-40M motor webpage and Documentationfor more details.

You can combine many of these modes, with few restrictions.  All modes allow changing motor speed on-the-fly using J1 and J4.  Hundreds of successful customers have created very ingenious motion using these simple "building blocks", as short as 10 minutes.  You can add intelligent repetitive motion to almost any machine.

Our stepper motors and controllers give you great speed and torque, and many large companies have purchased these for automating various motions.  Click on Testimonials button above.

The power supply shipped may be different than pictured.  Contact us for custom rotary tables.

Ships in 8-10 days after you order and pay.  We ship to 220 countries.

Some pictures may show older single Joystick controller.  You definitely will receive the new X57 Joystick controller.  The video may show a different size.  Your Slider operates as shown.

Options available:

Switchbox SW1-2D to give you easy ability to move the Carriage in either direction, move different distances at different speeds, and to change the speed-on-the-fly. It plugs directly into the Controller and thus requires no computer.

Normally ships 7-10 business days after you order and make payment, company check mailed/fedex is preferred.


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