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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need external software to run Excitron's controllers?

A: No. Not C++, not Basic, no CD, nothing. The Excitron controllers use the simplest possible command structure. A few single letter commands followed by numbers is all that is needed to fully control and automate your device. All controller programs are inside the controller, even the many motion profiles.

Q: Can I eliminate my complicated and expensive control system?

A: Very likely.  Many customers have replaced their entire existing expensive controls because the Excitron controllers have sufficient intelligence, communication, inputs, and motor control to operate a large machine.

Q: Why use Excitron's motors and controllers?

A: The miniature controllers minimize electrical noise by integrating with the motor. Best stepper motor operation occurs only with less than 1 inch of motor wire length. This gives you higher torque and faster speeds.

Q: What do I need to know about how to purchase an Excitron product?

A: Please see our How to Buy page for more details on how to buy Excitron motors, controllers, etc.

Q: I did not find an answer to my question. How can I find more information?

A: Please use our contact page and select "Question" from the message type drop-down menu. You can typically expect a response within the same business day.


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